August 19th “Dune”

August 25th, 2010 § 0


Despite leading a life riddled with science fiction of every sort imaginable, I realized recently that I’d never read one of the genre’s most epic works. Hence, I’m doing some Dune.

Replica of the original title typeface courtesy of "DuneFish"

2010|365: A Design Project
In an effort to keep from getting creatively stagnant as I go through the course of a 9-5 design job, as well as staving off general laziness, I’ve undertaken this personal project.
Every day, rain, shine or somewhere inbetween, I will be making something cool. The results may be photos, design pieces, experimental type, videos, or anything else I feel is worth showing. The only caveat will be that each piece will have to be made that day, even though it might not get posted on the same day.
The end result of the project will be a book (possibly 365 pages long, maybe shorter to reduce costs), which I will make available to anyone who wants to pay for one.

You can track the project at the 2010|365 website or check out everything else I get up here.

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